101 Magic Rock Guitar Rhythm Strums (Book And CD)

Authors: Larry McCabe
Publisher: Red Dog Music Books
Keywords: strums, book, rhythm, guitar, rock, magic
Pages: 38
Published: 2007-04-15
Language: English
Category: Instruments & Performers, Music, Arts & Photography,
ISBN-10: 1934777110     ISBN-13: 9781934777114
Binding: Plastic Co
List Price: 16.95 USD

An excellent source of authentic rock rhythm strums for aspiring rock rhythm guitar players.

Spiral comb binding - folds flat on music stand.

The raw mechanics of rock rhythm guitar have changed little in 40 years. This invaluable book/CD set supplies a goldmine of ideas for all rock styles and eras. It is an extensive collection of rock guitar strums can be applied to thousands of songs.

When playing rhythm guitar, a guitarist must ultimately tap into his or her musical imagination and decide on a strum that best defines the chord progression of the moment. This book helps develop basic strumming technique, counting ability, and the musical imagination. The strum patterns are clearly written in standard notation and tablature, and accompanied by a CD that contains all 101 patterns. Playing along with the CD is good preparation for playing with a real rhythm section. Overall, this is an excellent supplementary book for ambitious beginners, early intermediates, and guitar instructors.

The ideas in this book will help beginners and early intermediates improve their rock rhythm guitar skills quickly and efficiently. Simply select a pattern, practice until you are satisfied with the sound, then use the pattern in a chord progression or tune of your own choice. Most of the patterns are applicable to many, many songs.

The book includes suggestions for varying the patterns and applying them to chord progressions.

The companion recording features a stereo mix of drums, bass, and guitar. The guitar is heard in the right speaker. Each example begins with a two-bar drum intro, after which the pattern is played four times on rhythm guitar with drums and bass accompaniment.

The bass lines in this book are found in our 101 Magic Rock Bass Guitar Patterns.

101 Magic Rock Rhythm Guitar Patterns is an excellent supplement to any standard method book. It is not a chord book, but rather a book that focuses on an impressive variety of accompaniment patterns that are strummed by the picking hand.

This book is much more useful than the impossible-to-decipher solos in the popular guitar magazines. Another excellent, very cool hands-on learning book from Larry McCabe and Red Dog Music Books.


  • How to Use This Book
  • How to Develop Variations
  • Patterns in 4/4 Time
  • Patterns in 12/8 Time
  • Patterns in 3/4 Time
  • How to Apply the Patterns to Chord Progressions
  • Chord Progressions for Practice

Prerequisite Ability

  • User should know how to play a few basic chords, and know how to read guitar tablature or standard notation.

User Profiles

  • Ambitious beginner electric guitar player.
  • Early intermediate electric guitar player.
  • Hobbyist guitar players.
  • Electric guitar teachers.
  • Excellent reference book of useful rock guitar strums for any person wanting to learn to play electric guitar.

Goals and Purposes of This Book

  • Learn a variety of rock rhythm guitar strums that are applicable to thousands of songs in many styles.
  • Excellent for facilitating development of solid timing on the electric guitar.
  • Very helpful in helping rock guitar students learn to play with a rhythm section.
  • Valuable supplementary information is helpful to all emerging electric guitarists
  • Guitar teachers will find the book to be a valuable and popular addition to their curriculum.

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