Language And The Subject.(Critical Studies 9)

Authors: Karl Simms
Publisher: Rodopi B.V.Editions
Keywords: studies, critical, subject, language
Pages: 300
Published: 1997-01
Language: International
ISBN-10: 9042000155     ISBN-13: 9789042000155
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 40.50 USD
This volume contains nineteen essays - eighteen here presented for the first time - exploring the question of subjectivity as seen from a linguistic perspective. Part I concerns the relationship between the linguistic subject, particularly the grammatical first person, and the subject in more general sense of 'person'. Topics covered include deixis, verbal marking and temporalisation, and performatives. Part II concerns the relationship of subjectivity to the experience of reading, and as such considers the semiotics of both literary and non-literary texts, inter-modal representation, authorship and intertextuality. The essays in the volume are principally influenced by the thinking of Saussure, Jakobson, Guillaume, Benveniste, Wittgenstein, Barthes and Deleuze, and the book will appeal to scholars with an interest in theoretical linguistics, semiotics, discourse, analysis and philosophy of language. Karl Simms provides comprehensive introductions to each of the parts, making the book accessible to inform general readers with an interest in cultural and communication studies.

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