Doctors, Politics And Society: Historical Essays.(Clio Medica/The Wellcome Institute Series In The History Of Medicine 23) (Clio Medica 23/the Wellcome Institute Series In The History Of Medicine)

Author: Dorothy Porter, Roy Porter,
Publisher: Editions Rodopi
Keywords: medica, wellcome, insti, clio, essays, politics, society, historical, doctors
Pages: 311
Published: 1993-01
Language: International
Category: World, History,
ISBN-10: 9051835108     ISBN-13: 9789051835106
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 142.50 USD
The great British reformer Jeremy Bentham wrote that 'the art of legislation is but the art of healing practised upon a large scale'. He added that 'It is the common endeavour of both to relieve men from the miseries of life. But the physician relieves them one by one: the legislator by millions at a time'. Bentham raised the question of the interplay of medicine with politics. It forms an important topic with powerful contemporary overtones. This volume, containing eleven essays plus a lengthy introduction, seeks to explore it historically. It takes a long perspective, covering the last two centuries and also an international viewpoint, examining Britain in detail but also containing contributions dealing with the United States, Germany, Russia and France.

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