La Gran Rata De Sumatra (Castillo De La Lectura Roja) (Spanish Edition)

Author: Sid Fleishman, David Lara,
Publisher: Ediciones Castillo
Keywords: roja, spanish, lectura, castillo, rata, sumatra, gran
Pages: 152
Published: 2006-06
Language: International
ISBN-10: 9702008557     ISBN-13: 9789702008552
Binding: Paperback (Tra)
List Price: 8.95 USD
  • Rating: 60%
The Giant Rat of Sumatra arrives at San Diego harbor to anchor for the last time.  All pirates are given the choice to find a new berth or join the Captain in his new life as a rancher.  Except for Náufrago, who is made the unwilling bearer of a pair of emeralds.  As he walks around with a fortune sewn into his coat, the American troops occupy San Diego.

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