Feedback Strategies For Wireless Communication

Author: Berna Özbek, Didier Le Ruyet,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: communication, wireless, strategies, feedback
Pages: 344
Published: 2013-10-19
Language: English
Category: Wireless Networks, Networking, Computers & Technology,
ISBN-10: 1461477417     ISBN-13: 9781461477419
Binding: Kindle Edi (2014)
List Price: Unknown
This book explores the different strategies regarding limited feedback information. The book analyzes the impact of quantization and the delay of CSI on the performance. The author shows the effect of the reduced feedback information and gives an overview about the feedback strategies in the standards. This volume presents theoretical analysis as well as practical algorithms for the required feedback information at the base stations to perform adaptive resource algorithms efficiently and mitigate interference coming from other cells.

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