Introduction To The Philosophies Of Research And Criticism In Education And The Social Sciences

Authors: James Paul
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: education, criticism, research, philosophies, introduction
Pages: 360
Published: 2004-10-10
Language: English
Category: Education, Nonfiction,
ISBN-10: 0130422533     ISBN-13: 9780130422538
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 58.80 USD

This rigorous volume focuses on the underlying perspectives justifying the major approaches currently being used in educational research. Introductory chapters lay the foundation for exploring varying research perspectives. Nine specific perspectives on research—post positivism, pragmatism, constructivism, ethics and deliberate democracy, criticism, interpretivism, race/ethnicity/gender, arts-based research, and post structuralism—are examined, through discussions written by senior scholars known for their expertise in the perspective. And, a “guided tour” of criticism is given, in which these same scholars demonstrate the use of the “critical method” by critiquing six studies selected as exemplars of different research approaches. For education students who aspire to become researchers, and for those who simply need to read and understand research literature.

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