Introductory Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition)

Authors: John R Jensen
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: processing, image, digital, introductory
Pages: 544
Published: 2004-05-10
Language: English
Category: Engineering, Professional & Technical,
ISBN-10: 0131453610     ISBN-13: 9780131453616
Binding: Hardcover (3)
List Price: 148.53 USD
  • Rating: 80%
For junior/graduate-level courses in Remote Sensing in Geography, Geology, Forestry, and Biology. This revision of Introductory Digital Image Processing: A Remote Sensing Perspective continues to focus on digital image processing of aircraft- and satellite-derived, remotely sensed data for Earth resource management applications. Extensively illustrated, it explains how to extract biophysical information from remote sensor data for almost all multidisciplinary land-based environmental projects. Part of the Prentice Hall Series Geographic Information Science.

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