Tax Research And OneDisk CD 2 (2nd Edition)

Authors: Barbara H. Karlin
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: onedisk, research,
Pages: 603
Published: 2002-08-22
Language: English
Category: Economics, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 0131763113     ISBN-13: 9780131763111
Binding: Paperback (2)
List Price: 156.00 USD
Oriented toward the process of conducting tax research in real world situations, this book presents the subject of tax research within a uniquely integrated format. First, the book combines the presentation of how to perform research with a discussion of the research resources that exist. Secondly, the book brings together a discussion of both electronic and print research tools. The volume provides an overview of tax research, the internal revenue code, treasury and judicial interpretations, how to discover relevant primary authority using reference services and other secondary sources, culmination of the tax research process, communicating research results, overview of tax procedure, and state tax research, For accounting professionals and others interested in tax research.

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