United Nations, Divided World: The UN's Roles In International Relations

Author: Adam Roberts, Benedict Kingsbury,
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: international, relations, roles, world, nations, divided, united
Pages: 304
Published: 1988-07-14
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0198275447     ISBN-13: 9780198275442
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 59.00 USD
For the first time in human history, the world consists of theoretically equal sovereign states, most of which belong to one world organization--the United Nations--and subscribe to a single set of principles--those of its Charter. Yet the U.N. has conspicuously failed to solve problems of armaments, war, division, inequality, and dictatorship. An authoritative assessment, this book brings together distinguished academics and senior U.N. officials--including the Secretary-General--in a sympathetic yet critical account of the U.N.'s role in international relations since 1945.

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