To Accompany Seeing Anthroplogy

Author: Karl Heider, Pamela A. R. Blakely, Tom Blakely,
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Keywords: anthroplogy, seeing, accompany
Published: 2007-01
Language: English
Category: Social Sciences, Politics & Social Sciences,
ISBN-10: 0205512054     ISBN-13: 9780205512058
Binding: DVD-ROM (4th Revised edition)
List Price: 25.00 USD
An introduction to cultural anthropology which uses ethnographic film, this concise text focuses on 14 cultures. These are used to illustrate concepts throughout the book, and are also the subject of the 21 film clips which accompany it. A "Focus Overview Box" highlights key facts about the culture. In addition, each chapter highlights one or more films, which are described in the "Seeing Anthropology" feature. This feature includes a case study of the culture of the film, and a set of questions which direct the reader/viewer to certain key elements in the film. A video including 10-minute clips from each film is packaged with the book.

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