Holmes On The Range

Authors: Steve Hockensmith
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Keywords: range, holmes
Pages: 294
Published: 2007-02-06
Language: English
Category: Westerns, Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 0312358040     ISBN-13: 9780312358044
Binding: Paperback (1st)
List Price: 14.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
"Dazzling. Sherlock Holmes in a Stetson turns out to be a dandy idea."
--Boston Globe
1893 is a tough year in Montana, and any job is a good job. When brothers Big Red and Old Red Amlingmeyer sign on as ranch hands at a secretive ranch, they're not expecting much more than hard work, bad pay, and a few free moments to enjoy their favorite pastime: reading stories about Sherlock Holmes.
When another hand turns up dead, Old Red sees the perfect opportunity to employ his Holmes-inspired "deducifyin'" skills and sets out to solve the case. Big Red, like it or not (and mostly he does not), is along for the wild ride in this clever, compelling, and completely one-of-a-kind mystery.

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