Three To Get Deadly: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Stephanie Plum Novels)

Authors: Janet Evanovich
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Keywords: plum, stephanie, novels, novel, deadly, three
Pages: 384
Published: 2010-06-22
Language: English
Category: Comic, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 0312675089     ISBN-13: 9780312675080
Binding: Paperback (First Edition)
List Price: 14.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Novels Are

“Suspenseful.”---Los Angeles Times

“Terrific.”---San Francisco Chronicle

“Irresistible.”---Kirkus Reviews

“Thrilling.”---The Midwest Book Review

“Hilariously Funny.”---USA Today

“A blast of fresh air.”---The Washington Post

“Inventive and fast-paced.”---The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Superb.”---Detroit Free Press

A “saintly” old candy store owner is on the lam---and bounty hunter extraordinaire Stephanie Plum is on the case. As the body count rises, Stephanie finds herself dealing with dead drug dealers and slippery fugitives on the chase of her life. And with the help of eccentric friends and family, Steph must see to it that this case doesn’t end up being her last. . . .

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