Health: The Basics (10th Edition)

Authors: Rebecca J. Donatelle
Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
Keywords: basics, health
Pages: 560
Published: 2012-01-06
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0321774345     ISBN-13: 9780321774347
Binding: Paperback (10)
List Price: 97.67 USD

Health starts here!


With an emphasis on media, the new Health: The Basics, Tenth Edition features robust relatable content, bringing health topics to life and keeping you hooked on learning and living well.


Now enhanced with an even more comprehensive package of easy-to-use media and supplements, this edition makes teaching and learning personal health extra dynamic. The Tenth Edition includes new ABC News videos, more online worksheets, new course management and eText options, Tweet Your Health, new student “behavior change video log (vlog)” videos, countless new teacher supplements, and more. These resources bring personal health to life in any form–in the classroom, online, or on the iPad. These tools all motivate students to be more interested in the book content and invest in their health.  


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