Emergency Pediatrics: A Guide To Ambulatory Care

Authors: Roger M. Barkin MD MPH FAAP FACEPPeter Rosen M
Publisher: Mosby
Keywords: care, ambulatory, guide, pediatrics, emergency
Pages: 952
Published: 1999-01-15
Language: English
Category: Internal Medicine, Medicine, Medical
ISBN-10: 0323003265     ISBN-13: 9780323003261
Binding: Paperback (5)
List Price: 79.00 USD
  • Rating: 60%
This invaluable reference supplies concise information on all aspects of emergency care for children. EMERGENCY PEDIATRICS is built to move you swiftly from initial diagnosis to successful treatment. Organized by symptoms like apnea, coma, joint pain or cough, each chapter contains extensive differential diagnosis lists followed by treatment guidelines. Chapters covering trauma, ingestions and orthopedic emergencies are logically arranged from those requiring the least to most urgent emergency care. This new 5th edition utilizes a new, two-color design and provides the latest drug information.

* Contains the immediate information you need for the emergency care of children * Places the most current advances in life-support and the very latest information on drug dosages and interactions at your fingertips * Gives an extensive update of drug information with special emphasis on antibiotics * Highlights key clinical information in easy-to-read summary tables * Quick reference card included with a listing of emergency drugs and procedures

Spanish version also available, ISBN: 84-8174-426-3

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