Divine By Mistake (Partholon)

Authors: P.C. Cast
Publisher: Luna
Keywords: partholon, mistake, divine
Pages: 704
Published: 2006-09-01
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373802471     ISBN-13: 9780373802470
Binding: Mass Marke
List Price: 6.99 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Going . . . Going . . . Gone!

The most excitement teacher Shannon Parker expects on her summer vacation is a litle shopping. But then her latest purchase -- a vase with the Celtic goddess Epona on it -- somehow switches her into the world of Partholon, where she's treated like a goddess. A very temperamental goddess . . .

It seems that Shannon has stepped into another's role as the Goddess Incarnate of Epona. And while it has some very appealing moments -- what woman doesn't like a little pampering now and then? -- it also comes with a ritual marriage to a centaur and the threat of war against the evil Fomorians. Oh, and everyone disliking her because they think she's her double.

Somehow Shannon needs to figure out how to get back to Oklahoma without being killed, married to a horse or losing her mind . . .

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