Education Reform In Democratic Spain

Author: Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Pam O'Malley,
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: spain, democratic, reform, education
Pages: 276
Published: 1995-12-22
Language: English
Category: Education, Nonfiction,
ISBN-10: 0415091489     ISBN-13: 9780415091480
Binding: Hardcover (1)
List Price: 180.00 USD
A collection of recently published and specially commissioned articles which chart the rapid and extensive process of education reform in Spain over the last two decades. The articles cover in detail all the key measures of reform and the relevant changes in legislation and government policy since the 1970 "Ley General de Educacion". They also set these changes within the context of the contemporary historical background. The book shows that throughout, the process of reform in Spain has been characterized by both idealism and determination, and has been notable for its sheer pace. Topics covered include democratization and decentralization, curriculum reform, vocational and technical education and partners in education such as teacher unions and governors.

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