Sustainable Urban Design: An Environmental Approach

Author: Adam Ritchie, Randall Thomas,
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Keywords: approach, environmental, design, urban, sustainable
Pages: 256
Published: 2009-02-07
Language: English
Category: Architecture, Professional & Technical,
ISBN-10: 0415447828     ISBN-13: 9780415447829
Binding: Paperback (2)
List Price: 53.95 USD

By the end of the twenty-first century it is thought that three-quarters of the world’s population will be urban; our future is in cities. Making these cities healthy, vibrant and sustainable is an exceptional challenge which this book addresses. It sets out some of the basic principles of the design of our future cities and, through a series of carefully-selected case studies from leading designers’ experience, illustrates how these ideas can be put into practice.

Building on the first edition's original format of design guidance and case studies, this new edition updates the ideas and techniques resulting from further research and practice by the contributors. This book emphasises the enormous progress made towards exciting new designs that integrate good design with resource efficiency.

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