Certification Marks (Special Report Series)

Authors: Jeffrey Belson
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Keywords: series, report, special, marks, certification
Pages: 153
Published: 2001-12-20
Language: English
Category: Commercial, Business,
ISBN-10: 0421758201     ISBN-13: 9780421758209
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: Unknown
Certification marks are classed as a special category of trade mark, and though they have existed under US and UK law and the laws of many European and other countries for almost 100 years, there is currently no publication focusing specifically on the subject. A certification mark is a guarantee that goods or services, in connection with which the mark is used, comply with certain standards (one example being the BSI Kitemark). This new Special Report, Certification Marks discusses the current state of law in this area, placing it in a wider historical and commercial context. Particular effort is made to examine several unresolved issues which look set to play important roles in the future, especially EU certification and harmonisation and electronic certification.

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