Western Civilization: Alternate Volume: Since 1300, Seventh Edition

Authors: Jackson J. Spielvogel
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Keywords: seventh, volume, alternate, civilization, western
Pages: 1008
Published: 2008-01-14
Language: English
Category: Early Civilization, Ancient, History,
ISBN-10: 0495555282     ISBN-13: 9780495555285
Binding: Paperback (7)
List Price: 178.95 USD
  • Rating: 100%
Join over one million students who have used Spielvogel's texts to be successful in their Western Civilization course! There's a reason WESTERN CIVILIZATION is the best seller: it makes the "story of history" come alive. Spielvogel's text is also loaded with extras, like "Film and History" features that show you a new approach to studying history. Colorful maps and visuals, plus dramatic first-hand historical accounts, combine to bring to life the stories of the people and events that have shaped Western civilization.

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