Study Guide For Siegel/Senna's Introduction To Criminal Justice, 12th

Author: Larry J. Siegel, Joseph J. Senna,
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Keywords: criminal, justice, introduction, senna, guide, siegel, study
Pages: 286
Published: 2009-02-04
Language: English
Category: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law,
ISBN-10: 0495599980     ISBN-13: 9780495599982
Binding: Paperback (12)
List Price: 77.95 USD
Thoroughly updated, the Study Guide includes the following elements to help students get the most out of their classroom experience: learning objectives, a chapter summary, key terms and concepts, and a self-test. The self-test consists of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and essay questions, all coded to the learning objectives that appear in the main text. Answer key included.

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