The Dreamer Who Unlocked The Secrets Of The Universe: The Adventures Of Don Quixote In Miami

Author: Manuel Martinez, Mark H. Golding,
Publisher: Vantage Pr
Keywords: quix, adventures, universe, unlocked, secrets, dreamer
Pages: 126
Published: 2003-06
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0533142393     ISBN-13: 9780533142392
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 18.95 USD
The Adventures of Don Quixote in Miami

Dr. Sebastian Stain Camote is a prominent and controversial psychiatrist, and the author of many published works about reincarnation. He believes that he had infinite past lives, and that he once lived in La Mancha in the year 1605, as Don Quixote.

The Dreamer Who Unlocked the SEcrets of the Universe: The Adventures of Don Quixote in Miami presents, in enjoyable comic book form, the life and beliefs of a present-day dreamer seeking to bring hope, faith and goodness to the world. In this work, author Manuel Martinez, with the able assistace of illustrator Mark H. Golding and colorist Sajid Black, has crafted a masterful exploration of reincarnation and the theory of karma through the eyes of Dr. Camote. The story begins on Halloween night, when Dr. Camote goes forth to Commodore Plaza, in Coconut Grove, Florida, in an attempt to right the wrongs in the world. It is there he learns a lesson he will never forget.

This intriguing and insightful story, fast-paced and enjoyable via the vividly descriptive text and warm, fanciful llustrations, will take the reader on an extraordinary journey delving into dreams, destiny, justice, karma, spirits and other dismensions.

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