Healing The World: A Primer About The World And How We Must Fix It For Our Children

Authors: David Christensen
Publisher: IUniverse, Inc.
Keywords: world, child, primer, healing
Pages: 209
Published: 2005-09-21
Language: English
Category: Environmental & Natural Resources Law,
ISBN-10: 0595363865     ISBN-13: 9780595363865
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 17.95 USD
Healing the World identifies and offers possible solutions to three critical and urgent problems that face mankind today.

David Christensen, PhD, a retired geography professor, has studied how people have both used and misused Earth and spent endless amounts of money on wars and on a military that, in his opinion, cannot provide security in a world of interdependent nations. Christensen invites you to follow along as he presents his case for Limited World Government as the only way to deal with the following three intertwined global issues:

  • War and Militarization
  • Corporate Globalization
  • The Need for a Sustainable Balance between the Earth and the Human Family

    In addition to identifying three key problems of our time, Christensen includes a brief history of peace plans, the evolution of international cooperation over the last two centuries, and the League of Nations and the United Nations. Dozens of quotes from world leaders and writers are also included as well as a discussion of a “Web of Survival.”

    Healing the World will encourage you to examine the actions of world leaders as well as your own viewpoints about global issues and concludes with an inspirational call to action by people of all ages.

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