Angel Falls: Life Is A Game To Be Lost By Those Best At It.

Authors: Oliver Dick
Publisher: IUniverse, Inc.
Keywords: lost, game, life, falls, angel
Pages: 138
Published: 2006-03-23
Language: English
Category: Literary, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 0595383939     ISBN-13: 9780595383931
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 11.95 USD
People bask in the glory of their successes and contemplate difficulties when they fail. Because of this element of human nature, those who have more difficulties in life also have more motivation and opportunity to develop their minds. In this tail of morality two, kindhearted individuals Linda and Peako, face the extreme moral challenge of taking life for the greater good.

Linda, a devout Christian, sees only the good in the world. She emotionally, faithfully and completely embraces society’s peaceful institutions, overlooking and/or forgiving any inconsistencies within them. Employing this perspective, she lacks the ability to distinguish between the beneficial elements within institutions’ and those that are detrimental to society. Peako, on the other hand, scrutinizes every element of life. When he considers society’s institution he breaks them down into their most basic elements. To him the all-inspiring institutions, which can bind nations, are no more than lists of ideas—some he likes and some he does not like. Viewing the worlds’ great and inspiring institutions as long but simple lists of concise points makes life appear no more substantial than a game. Peako and Linda first meet in Peace Corps. Their paths cross for the final time when Peako is the top scientist for the United States Organization of Political Analysis and Anticipation (USOPAA), an organization that runs scenarios on how the U.S. can create and maintain stability in strategic global regions. Linda, because she was known to act in humanities best interest is recruited to run a sister office. The result of Peako’s project, as well as its true purpose, is alarming.

The psychological journey of Peako and Linda is a mantra of morality to wrap your mind around. Through the story of Linda and Peako, an understanding can be uncovered that at the extremes of good and evil there is no black and white, just color.

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