CrunchTime: Contracts

Authors: Steven L. Emanuel
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Keywords: contracts, crunchtime
Pages: 304
Published: 2010-10-15
Language: English
Category: Company Profiles, Biography & History, Business & Investing,
ISBN-10: 073558995X     ISBN-13: 9780735589957
Binding: Paperback (4)
List Price: 35.95 USD
CrunchTime provides a comprehensive topic breakdown and critical information review all in one tool. The application flow charts can be used all semester long, but the capsule summaries are ideal for exam preparation. Each title offers capsule summaries of major points of law and critical issues, exam tips for identifying common traps and pitfalls, sample exam and essay questions with model answers, and recommended approaches for crafting essays that will get winning grades!

CrunchTime Series Features:

  • Capsule summary of subject matter
  • Condensed format
  • Flow charts illustrate major concepts
  • Multiple-choice questions with answers
  • Essay questions with model answers

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