Inside C#, Second Edition

Author: Tom Archer, Andrew Whitechapel,
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Keywords: second, inside
Pages: 600
Published: 2002-05-24
Language: English
Category: C & C++ Windows Programming, Development, Microsoft, Computers & Technology,
ISBN-10: 0735616485     ISBN-13: 9780735616486
Binding: Paperback (2nd)
List Price: 49.99 USD
  • Rating: 60%
For years, developers have wished for a programming language with the power and flexibility of C++ that's also easy to write, read, and maintain like Microsoft "RM" Visual Basic "RM". Visual C# "TM", the hot new Web-enabled programming language from Microsoft, satisfies those wishes. Its object-oriented, programmer-friendly capabilities make it vastly easier to learn and use than older languages such as C++ -- especially for developing Web application. "Inside C#" provides the ideal in-depth look at the architecture and programming elements of Microsoft Visual C#. While other books may concentrate on C# development and runtime environments, this book is devoted to the language itself. It will have an exceptionally long shelf life, since the core C# language will change very little over time, while environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio "RM" may change yearly. This book is perfect for any Visual Basic developer who wants to move up to the next-generation language, and for any Visual C++ developer who wants an eaisier language to use for developing Web-enabled applications for the Internet. It includes tips throughout that highlight differences between Visual Basic, C++, and C# to help select the best language for the job, plus C# sample code both in the text and on an accompanying CD.

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