We Are Family ! (Love Notes)

Author: PQ Publishing, Steve Bloom Images,
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Keywords: notes, love, family
Pages: 48
Published: 2004-03-01
Language: English
Category: Motivational, Self-help, Health, Mind & Body,
ISBN-10: 0740743953     ISBN-13: 9780740743955
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 9.95 USD
A magic melody and unforgettable lyrics can instantly transform and transport us, if only for a moment. Now two of the most beloved contemporary songs, "Thank You for Being a Friend" and "We Are Family," join with oh-so-memorable animal close-ups to capture this magic in an even more palpable form.

Thank You for Being a Friend and We Are Family, presented as gift book-audio CD packages by PQ Publishers, feature wonderful animal images by some of the world's most renowned nature photographers, including Steve Bloom. The two universal themes-family and friends-couldn't be conveyed and honored more effectively than they are in these heartwarming presentations.

Each package includes a top quality audio CD featuring the original song recording by the original musical artist. Andrew Gold delivers his familiar rendition of "Thank You for Being a Friend," was also known as the theme song from the hit sitcom, The Golden Girls. And Sister Sledge's lively vocals are unmistakable in the feel-good anthem, "We Are Family." Both artists evoke exactly the right sentiments when paired with Steve Bloom's almost human photos of bears, penguins, monkeys, and other wild animals at their playful best.

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