Haunted Britain

Authors: Richard Jones
Publisher: Aa Publishing
Keywords: britain, haunted
Pages: 226
Published: 2010-10-20
Language: English
Category: England, Europe, History,
ISBN-10: 0749566507     ISBN-13: 9780749566500
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 45.00 USD
  • Rating: 60%
With its wealth of historic buildings where wars were fought and history made, Britain has been the scene of political undoing, bloody beheadings, and cruel torture for centuries. Little wonder, then, that many corners of Britain have a resident ghost or some other supernatural presence. Ghosts have also been detected in many of Britain's stately homes and castles, its ancient inns, theatres, farmhouses, and cottages. Haunted Britain reveals the sites of nearly 100 of these throughout the country. From the most famous ancient sites to lesser-known recently haunted buildings, each location has been painstakingly researched. Featuring more than 200 color images, Haunted Britain reveals the compelling history behind every apparition. Divided into 7 regions, each with its own locator map, a quick-reference list shows whether the site is open to the public. For those who wish to see a ghost themselves, the list indicates how spooky each place is, on a scale of one to ten. Dotted throughout the book are features on some of the more lighthearted apparitions that have been known to appear in Britain's historic places—mischievous fairies and elves, malevolent hobgoblins, and mournful black dogs.

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