Sandow's Magazine Of Physical Culture, January To June 1900

Authors: Eugen Sandow
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Keywords: january, june, culture, physical, magazine, sandow
Pages: 548
Published: 2003-06-26
Language: English
Category: Essays, Miscellaneous, Sports,
ISBN-10: 0766165396     ISBN-13: 9780766165397
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 42.95 USD
This volume contains the issues of Sandow's Magazine of Physical culture from January 1900 to June 1900. Eugen Sandow was a great amateur and professional athlete. He devoted a large portion of his life to helping the would-be athlete and all who desired to attain perfect health, increased strength and full development of their physical frame. Sample contents: Wonderful Record of Physical Endurance; Swedish Diving; Hurling, the National Game of Ireland; Hair Culture, Its Helps and Hindrances; Rational Riding for Women; Work and Old Age; Something About Criminals; Branding a Thief; Evolution of Indian Club Swinging; Beast Versus Man; A Few Practical Hints on Self Defense; Physical Training of Girls; Effect of Thought on the Body; and much more. Copiously illustrated throughout.

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