Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach

Authors: Patricia Gonce MortonPatricia Gonce Morton RN Ph
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keywords: approach, holistic, nursing, care, critical
Pages: 1408
Published: 2004-12-06
Language: English
Category: Critical & Intensive Care, Nursing, Medical
ISBN-10: 0781727596     ISBN-13: 9780781727594
Binding: Hardcover (Eighth)
List Price: 93.95 USD

A classic in its field, this popular text provides clinical coverage of critical care nursing, with an emphasis on holism in practice to provide students with a solid grasp of the scientific and clinical knowledge they need to deliver safe and effective care. Beginning with the psychosocial concepts of care, the text progresses through assessment and management of a variety of disorders. Its comprehensive yet concise writing offers students a wealth of information and can be used as a future reference.

Now under the head authorship of Tricia Morton, Critical Care Nursing maintains its popular holistic approach to the complexities of adult health and critical care. The Eighth Edition is now in full-color, and has been thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes and advances in critical care nursing.

A CD-ROM in the back of this edition has common Critical Care Drug Monographs, Crisis Values of Lab Tests, Critical Care Nursing Procedures, Animations, and comprehensive critical care exams.

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