Hardware/Software Co-Design

Author: Giovanni De Micheli, Mariagiovanna Sami, Giovanni Mi
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: design, software, hardware
Pages: 480
Published: 1996-02-29
Language: English
Category: Graphic Design, Computers & Technology,
ISBN-10: 0792338839     ISBN-13: 9780792338833
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 127.50 USD
Concurrent design, or co-design of hardware and software is extremely important for meeting design goals, such as high performance, that are the key to commercial competitiveness. Hardware/Software Co-Design covers many aspects of the subject, including methods and examples for designing: (1) general purpose and embedded computing systems based on instruction set processors; (2) telecommunication systems using general purpose digital signal processors as well as application specific instruction set processors; (3) embedded control systems and applications to automotive electronics. The book also surveys the areas of emulation and prototyping systems with field programmable gate array technologies, hardware/software synthesis and verification, and industrial design trends. Most contributions emphasize the design methodology, the requirements and state of the art of computer aided co-design tools, together with current design examples.

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