Jacques Helleu And Chanel

Authors: Jacques Helleu
Keywords: chanel, helleu, jacques
Pages: 280
Published: 2006-04-07
Language: English
Category: Fashion, Photography, Arts & Photography,
ISBN-10: 0810943123     ISBN-13: 9780810943124
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: Unknown
Jacques Helleu is the eye behind the House of Chanel’s enduring image, having explored the meanings of this legendary brand in daring commercials and fabulous print ads for the past 40 years. He has given tangible, glamorous shape to the essential mystique of Chanel’s perfumes, by bringing together artistic luminaries (from photographer Helmut Newton, to director Baz Luhrman, to actress Catherine Deneuve, and countless others) and masterfully guiding the creative combustion that has resulted.

This beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated volume tells the story of Helleu’s vision. Stiletto magazine founder Laurence Benaïm’s foreword puts Helleu’s grand influence into perspective, and Helleu himself presents four decades of inspiration, arranged from A to Z in themes, including: Allure. Coco. Egoïste. Femme. Goude. Joaillerie. N°5. Newton. Penn. Proust. Rouge. Séduction. Style. Temps. Vitesse. Warhol.

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