Spiritual Fitness: Christian Character In A Consumer Culture

Authors: Graham Tomlin
Publisher: Continuum
Keywords: consumer, culture, character, christian, fitness, spiritual
Pages: 176
Published: 2006-05-10
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0826486770     ISBN-13: 9780826486776
Binding: Paperback (annotated edition)
List Price: 23.95 USD
A focus on physical fitness is part of modern culture, but not so when it comes to spiritual fitness. Graham Tomlin asks what can be done? Physical health and fitness require discipline, self-denial and cost; so, too, with spiritual fitness. This is a very practical book giving churches and their members tools with which to start to reverse the trend of spiritual flabbiness, benefitting both themselves and society, as the church becomes more appealing and significant. This book is for all who feel disatisfied with their Christian faith, who are concerned about the future of the church, or who want to see the church becoming more relevant to modern culture. >

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