Fundamental Principles Of Manufacturing Processes

Author: Dell K Allen, Leo Alting, Robert H Todd,
Publisher: Industrial Press, Inc.
Keywords: processes, manufacturing, principles, fundamental
Pages: 176
Published: 1994-01-01
Language: English
Category: Engineering, Professional & Technical,
ISBN-10: 0831130504     ISBN-13: 9780831130503
Binding: Hardcover (1st)
List Price: 42.50 USD
Identifies and studies six families of shaping processes that change the basic geometry of shape of a workpiece (Mechanical Mass Reducing, Thermal Mass Reducing, Chemical Mass Reducing, Mass Conserving, Consolidation, and Joining) and four families of nonshaping processes that modify the engineering and aesthetic properties of materials (Hardening, Softening, Surface Preparation, and Surface Coatings). This classification, or taxonomy, now used in the United States and Europe, is a valuable tool in identifying processes and their capabilities.

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