Fancy Goldfish: Complete Guide To Care And Collecting

Author: Erik L. Johnson, Richard E. Hess,
Publisher: Weatherhill
Keywords: care, collecting, guide, complete, goldfish, fancy
Pages: 176
Published: 2001-05-01
Language: English
Category: Fish & Aquariums, Animal Care & Pets, Home & Garden,
ISBN-10: 0834804484     ISBN-13: 9780834804487
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 49.95 USD
  • Rating: 100%
Goldfish come in a range of sizes and looks that is truly amazing. Fancy Goldfish is the most encompassing and thorough treatment of the fancy goldfish hobby to date. With photographs, essays, and instructions from a variety of experts, this book will provide readers with all they need to embark on the fascinating hobby of raising fancy goldfish.

Fish veterinarian Dr. Johnson writes extensively on goldfish health and disease, including microscopy techniques, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the full span of goldfish diseases. In a helpful and accessible "frequently asked questions" format, Richard Hess provides a general introduction to all aspects of the hobby, from selecting the best fish, aquarium setup, maintenance, feeding, sexing and breeding, and keeping fish healthy. Jackie and Louis Chan, major exporters of fancy goldfish from China, discuss the tradition of goldfish appreciation in China, and a chapter on Japanese goldfish describes the history and standards of uniquely Japanese varieties and the techniques and secrets of Japanese breeders. Izhak Kroshinsky, a leading breeder of Ranchu in America, describes his methods for cultivating a superior strain over the last twenty-five years. With over 100 color photographs of beautiful specimens and rare varieties by Fred Rosenzweig, this book is a stunning visual reference as well.

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