Decision In The Ukraine, Summer 1943, II. SS And III. Panzerkorps

Authors: George M., Jr. Nipe
Publisher: Fedorowicz (J.J.),Canada
Keywords: panzerkorps, summer, ukraine, decision
Pages: 390
Published: 1996-12
Language: English
Category: Ukraine, Europe, History,
ISBN-10: 0921991355     ISBN-13: 9780921991359
Binding: Hardcover (First)
List Price: Unknown
  • Rating: 100%
Decision in the Ukraine (George M. Nipe, Jr.) Hard cover, small format (9"x6"), 390 pages, 75 photographs and 29 maps and orders of battle. For the first time in English, the full story of the crucial battles on the Mius River by the 6. Armee and the successful counterattack spearheaded by the II. SS-Panzer-Korps, consisting of "Das Reich" and "Totenkopf". Also covered in detail are the offensives after Kursk in July/August 1943. The author uses many primary sources and conveys the action in vivid detail.

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