For The Record: Report Writing In Law Enforcement, Sixth Edition.

Author: Karen M Hess, Christine H. Orthmann,
Publisher: Innovative Systems
Keywords: enforcement, sixth, writing, report, record
Published: 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 094030919X     ISBN-13: 9780940309197
Binding: Paperback (6th)
List Price: Unknown
For the Record: Report Writing in Law Enforcement offers guidelines for writing at all levels of law enforcement. The book gives practical guidelines for producing professional reports that reflect positively on the writer. It is designed to be equally effective for individual study by working law enforcement officers or course work by police science students. It is easy to use. The book is laid out in a logical sequence to assist the new report writer in grasping the complexities of police reports and the exercises used in the book emphasize simplicity and proper English grammar. A must book for anyone who is a cop or is contemplating a career as a law enforcement officer.

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