366 Marketing Tips For Equipment Leasing

Author: Linda P. Kester, Linda P. Kester, James M. Johnson,
Publisher: LeasingPress
Keywords: leasing, equipment, tips, marketing
Pages: 373
Published: 2007-04-02
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0971239533     ISBN-13: 9780971239531
Binding: Perfect Pa (1st)
List Price: 89.95 USD
This approachable book of sales tips will make you prospect better, expand your presence with new and existing accounts, and close more deals. In short, 366 Marketing Tips will help you increase your sales volume. After 20 years of equipment and leasing sales, motivational speaker and sales training consultant, Linda Kester (http://LindaKester.com), has emerged as a gifted author. This book delivers 366 actionable tips organized into sections that work on sales skills, industry knowledge, and motivation. The combination of which, as she teaches in her training sessions, will lead to success in leasing sales. Each rock-solid tip is presented on one page so that the reader gets the information without a lot of fluff. From tips like: Prospect with Dignity and Junkyard Dog to Get to Know Credit and Sales Rep Compensation to Attitude and Perseverance and Find the Sweet Spot you will find numerous nuggets of gold to be put to use immediately. Face it, the leasing industry has changed. The old strategies will no longer work. Learn how to get through to the decision makers, get your calls returned, handle objections, maintain an infectious, positive attitude basically, how to stand out from all of your competitors.

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