Electricity For Refrigeration, Heating, And Air Conditioning

Authors: Russell E. Smith
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Keywords: conditioning, heating, refrigeration, electricity
Pages: 726
Published: 2010-06-24
Language: English
Category: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, How-to & Home Improvements, Home & Garden,
ISBN-10: 1111038740     ISBN-13: 9781111038748
Binding: Hardcover (8)
List Price: 174.95 USD
ELECTRICITY FOR REFRIGERATION, HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING, 8E is the ideal book for students and beginning technicians. It provides readers with the basic electrical principles necessary to understand today's modern control systems. The practical approach taken in this book allows readers to focus exclusively on the electronics information they will use in the field, without bogging them down in unnecessary theory. ELECTRICITY FOR REFRIGERATION, HEATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING, 8E places an emphasis on developing systematic diagnosis and troubleshooting methods and procedures that will enable readers to become highly-skilled, professional HVAC-R service technicians. A comprehensive glossary is also included to assist those who are new to the field in understanding and using industry terms.

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