Black Elk: The Life Of An American Visionary

Authors: Joe Jackson
Publisher: Picador
Keywords: visionary, american, life, black
Pages: 640
Published: 2017-11-07
Language: English
Category: Native American, Ethnic & National, Biographies & Memoirs,
ISBN-10: 1250141257     ISBN-13: 9781250141255
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 20.00 USD
Black Elk, the Native American holy man, is known to millions from the book Black Elk Speaks, which has been read as a spiritual guide and philosophical manifesto. Meanwhile the man Black Elk has faded from view, even though his dramatic life converged with momentous events in the American West, including the Battle of the Little Big Horn. But Black Elk was not a warrior and chose to be a healer and holy man, motivated by a prophetic vision that haunted him. Joe Jackson has crafted an American epic, restoring to Black Elk the richness of his times and portraying a life of heroism and tragedy, adaptation and endurance, in an era of crisis on the Great Plains.

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