The Bluegrass Boys: A Story Of Politics, Horse Racing And Marijuana Smuggling

Authors: J. C. McElroy
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Keywords: racing, marijuana, smuggling, horse, politics, boys, story, bluegrass
Pages: 168
Published: 2002-08-09
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1403314047     ISBN-13: 9781403314048
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 12.50 USD
As young men Lucas James, Mark Adams and John Tripp meet for the first time their freshman year at college. The three boys, all from different parts of the State of Kentucky, quickly develop a close almost unbreakable friendship. They soon decide to refer to themselves jokingly as the three disciples. But it becomes no joke. Together their ambition, determination and strong desire to be successful under tough personal and economic times will compel them into a life of marijuana deals, money laundering and horse racing scams. With the help of yet another college friend, Juan Ortez, they become the Bluegrass Boys, and inherit a marijuana smuggling empire that they secretly run from their horseracing track. Their education, business knowledge and savvy take them from college graduates to become the youngest and most powerful controllers of marijuana in the State of Kentucky, while holding a strong grip on state politics in order to better protect their business interests.Their common, moral upbringings are honest and heartfelt. Their sense of business awareness is admirable. They very easily could be the boy(s) next door. But the business itself leaves no one untouched, and will bring about a very chilling end to their strong friendship.

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