Tiger Eyes 

Authors: JoEllen Heath
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Keywords: eyesa, tiger
Pages: 187
Published: 2004-01-19
Language: English
Category: Action & Adventure, Genre Fiction, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 1413711634     ISBN-13: 9781413711639
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 19.95 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Tiger Eyes is a fictional work born from the real-life adventures of my great-great grandfather. In March, 1862, Simmon M. Paulsen, captain of the merchant ship Bark Laertes, sailed from Denmark, around the Cape of Good Hope toward the China Sea and Pacific Islands, recording each day's adventures in his journal.

I moved to Hawaii, and that began a number of creative pursuits. I started to write what turned into a trilogy of novels, new characters sprang to life, as Tiger Eyes, Claws of the Dragon and then Blue Lotus became reality. At this writing, the first two novels are available at Amazon.com and elsewhere, and Blue Lotus will be out soon.

Having enjoyed the innocence of the Big Island of Hawaii since the late 1960s, I wanted to recapture its lifestyle during those times into a story exposing the magnificence of Hawaii's beauty and volcanic power, as a backdrop for my heroine's adventures, filled with a lost treasure, ancient mysteries, murder, greed, drug dealing, deception, kidnapping and romance.

My heroine, Crystal Ming, inherits a journal after her father's death, wherein she finds clues leading her to a lost treasure on the Big Island. With her fiancé's announced marriage to someone else, Crystal flies off to Hawaii to see if the treasure actually exists and can be located. She is unaware that she is being followed, and then wooed, by her handsome half-cousin Andrew, whom she hasn't seen since early childhood. They become romantically involved, but Crystal has doubts about his ulterior motives.

Both Andrew, who believes he has a legitimate claim on the four priceless jewels, and an archaeologist with his own agenda, learn of her treasure and seek to find and take it. At the same time, a vicious drug-dealing murderess and her hapless husband are eyeing Crystal suspiciously after she befriends an old lady whom they are planning to swindle--and possibly murder. Crystal's adventures take her high into the tropical forest on the slope of a supposedly inactive volcano--and into the long-hidden burial cave of an ancient Hawaiian aristocrat.

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