Out Of Mao's Shadow: The Struggle For The Soul Of A New China

Authors: Philip P. Pan
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Keywords: china, soul, struggle, shadow,
Pages: 368
Published: 2009-06-23
Language: English
Category: China, Asia, History,
ISBN-10: 1416537066     ISBN-13: 9781416537069
Binding: Paperback (Reprint)
List Price: 16.00 USD
  • Rating: 80%
Now in paperback, an intimate, elegant account of a society in turmoil: the most important book in a generation about the Chinese people and their long, heartbreaking battle for political freedom.

Out of Mao’s Shadow offers a startling perspective on China and its remarkable transformation, challenging conventional wisdom about the political apathy of the Chinese people and the notion that prosperity leads automatically to freedom. Like David Remnick’s Lenin’s Tomb, this is a moving story of a nation in transition, of a people coming to terms with their past and struggling to take control of their future.

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