Introductory Technical Mathematics

Author: John Peterson, Robert D. Smith,
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Keywords: mathematics, technical, introductory
Pages: 888
Published: 2006-06-06
Language: English
Category: Mathematics, Science,
ISBN-10: 1418015458     ISBN-13: 9781418015459
Binding: Hardcover (5)
List Price: 225.95 USD
Introductory Technical Mathematics, 5th Edition provides current and practical vocational and technical math applications for today's sophisticated trade and technical work environments. Each unit delivers practical math concepts alongside step-by-step examples and problems drawn from various occupations. The plentiful examples and problem sets emphasize on-the-job applications of math. Enhancements to the fifth edition include improved algebra coverage, a new section on basic statistics, new material on conversions from metric to customary systems of measure, and a section that supplements the basics of working with spreadsheets for graphing.

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