Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves)

Authors: Lauren Dane
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Keywords: wolves, cascadia, enforcer
Pages: 226
Published: 2009-11-01
Language: English
Category: Erotica, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 1419906100     ISBN-13: 9781419906107
Binding: Kindle Edi
List Price: Unknown
Nina Reyes is a just barely reformed grifter who has left her past and her criminal record behind. That is until her brother shows up on her doorstep with some rogue werewolves out to kill him.Nina gets further drawn into the web of intrigue when Lex Warden, Cascadia Pack's Enforcer, comes to her for help and she ends up needing his protection.There are missing viral agents, the werewolf mafia, death threats, arson and a whole lot of scorching sex and acerbic wit between them.Welcome to the Northwest and Cascadia Pack.

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