After The Republic

Authors: Joe L. Blevins
Publisher: Xlibris
Keywords: republic
Pages: 274
Published: 2008-08-05
Language: English
Category: 19th Century, United States, Americas, History,
ISBN-10: 1436343747     ISBN-13: 9781436343749
Binding: Paperback
List Price: 19.98 USD
As Texas becomes the twenty-eighth state issues still remain with Mexico. Santa Anna returns to power after his exile in Cuba. He raises an army to take control of the province of California, and his threat to retake Texas by force. His demand was that Texas was to remain a republic, but since she joined with the Federal States, the threat was renewed for all-out war! The Comanche and Kiowa nations found themselves in the middle of this battle, so they made an uneasy truce with some settlers that they knew would represent their interests. Andrew was a freed slave that was adopted by the Cherokee. Along with his Cherokee brother-in-law, Ben Bird, he farmed and traded wild horses to the army. The Comanche and Kiowa allowed Andrew, and his family to hunt buffalo, and capture wild horses on their land. Since Andrew lived on the edge of their property, and the Dove settlement, they trusted him to help keep the rift-raft out of their lands. Their trust was well placed as Andrew helped supply horses for the army that was sorely spread thin. A bad illness swept over the Texan army, so Andrew and his family help out at Fort Worth since he was a veteran of the San Jacinto battle. They travel to Northern Mexico with the Tejanos to deliver horses to the Federal army under General Zachary Taylor, the future president of the Federal States. They find themselves in the thick of battle trying to recapture Santa Anna. Read the true story about the battle for peace in Texas, with the real characters, and true events that make our history great.

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