Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures In Grilled Cheese

Authors: Shane Sanford Kearns
Publisher: Adams Media
Keywords: cheese, grilled, adventures, amazing, melt
Pages: 160
Published: 2012-11-18
Language: English
Category: Cheese & Dairy, Cooking By Ingredient, Cookbooks, Food & Wine,
ISBN-10: 1440538743     ISBN-13: 9781440538742
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: 18.95 USD

A funked-up American classic

Your favorite comfort food—grilled cheese—is going where no toasted sandwich has gone before. Gone are the boring days of white bread and yellow cheese. In their place are creativity and excess: griddled stacks dripping with hybrid cheeses, sandwiches oozing with surprising flavor combinations, and deep-fried desserts that reveal the standby's sweeter side. Inside this awesome book, you'll find 100 mouthwatering recipes, with twists on the traditional like:

  • Crème Fraîche with Apple and Cucumber
  • The Beer, Kale, and Crouton Mash-Up
  • Inside-Out Blue Cheese Pecan
  • The Candied Baconator
  • Chocolate Brownie Indulgence
Melt is one part gourmet, one part gluttony—and the only book you'll need to satisfy all your grilled cheese cravings!

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