Food Analysis (Food Science Text Series)

Authors: S. Suzanne Nielsen
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: food, series, text, science, analysis
Pages: 564
Published: 2010-04-22
Language: English
Category: Food Science, Agricultural Sciences, Science,
ISBN-10: 1441914773     ISBN-13: 9781441914774
Binding: Hardcover (4th ed. 2nd Printing.)
List Price: 89.95 USD
  • Rating: 60%

This book provides information on the techniques needed to analyze foods in laboratory experiments. All topics covered include information on the basic principles, procedures, advantages, limitations, and applications. This book is ideal for undergraduate courses in food analysis and is also an invaluable reference to professionals in the food industry. General information is provided on regulations, standards, labeling, sampling and data handling as background for chapters on specific methods to determine the chemical composition and characteristics of foods. Large, expanded sections on spectroscopy and chromatography also are included. Other methods and instrumentation such as thermal analysis, ion-selective electrodes, enzymes, and immunoassays are covered from the perspective of their use in the analysis of foods. A website with related teaching materials is accessible to instructors who adopt the textbook.

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