Ridley Pearson CD Collection 2: The Art Of Deception, The Body Of David Hayes, Cut And Run

Author: Ridley Pearson, Dick Hill,
Publisher: Brilliance Audio On CD
Keywords: david, hayes, deception, pearson, collection, ridley
Published: 2011-09-29
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1455806196     ISBN-13: 9781455806195
Binding: Audio CD (Abridged)
List Price: 19.99 USD
The Art of Deception: A troubled Mary Ann Walker takes a nosedive off a bridge. John LaMoia of Seattle's police department takes the call, along with cop psychologist Daphne Matthews. They suspect Mary Ann’s boyfriend, known to beat her. But the case somehow becomes too slippery to close. Lou Boldt, the supervising officer, is entangled in a conundrum of his own: two women have disappeared and a road crew worker's death may have a connection to them. The Body of David Hayes: Years ago, Lou’s wife Liz had an affair with David Hayes, a young computer specialist at the bank where she is an executive. When Liz ended the relationship after reconciling with Lou, Hayes reacted by engaging in an embezzlement scheme that left millions missing. Now, years later, Hayes is released from prison. Liz is manipulated into playing double-agent by a former colleague - without her husband’s knowledge. Cut and Run: Six years ago, witness protection marshal Roland Larson did the unthinkable: he fell in love with a protected witness, Hope Stevens, whose testimony put away prominent members of the Romero crime family. Hope disappears into a new identity, but Larson is put back on her trail when the Romeros intercept the master WITSEC list from the Justice Department and she is believed to be targeted for execution.

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