The New Yorker Stories (Exile Classics Series)

Authors: Morley Callaghan
Publisher: Exile Editions
Keywords: classics, series, exile, stories, yorker,
Pages: 158
Published: 2008-09-01
Language: English
Category: Short Stories, Literature & Fiction,
ISBN-10: 1550961101     ISBN-13: 9781550961102
Binding: Paperback (Reprint)
List Price: 19.95 USD
  • Rating: 120%
Throughout the Great Depression, Callaghan provided for himself and his family by writing short stories, which Ernest Hemingway compared to James Joyce. Of the more than 100 short stories that Morley Callaghan published, 21 appeared in The New Yorker over a period of 10 years. Those tales find new life in this reprint of a classic short story collection.

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