Healthy Soul Food Cooking

Author: Fabiola Gaines, Roniece Weaver,
Publisher: American Diabetes Association
Keywords: cooking, food, soul, healthy
Pages: 216
Published: 2007-01-17
Language: English
Category: U.s. Regional, Regional & International, Cookbooks, Food & Wine,
ISBN-10: 1580402275     ISBN-13: 9781580402279
Binding: Paperback (1)
List Price: 14.95 USD

Soul food cooking doesn’t have to be bad to taste good

Fabiola Demps Gaines and Roniece Weaver’s New Soul Food Cookbook for People with Diabetes, the first diabetes cookbook for and by African Americans, was a blockbuster with more than 75,000 copies in print. With this new Small Steps Press edition of their book, Gaines and Weaver take those same principles of healthier soul food cooking to you. Healthy Soul Food Cooking shows you how to cut the fat, cholesterol, and salt in your favorite soul food recipes while still keeping the flavor you deserve. All the Cajun, creole, and down-home favorites are here--and now in healthier versions than ever before.

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